My Year of 26 Changes

Habit # 7 – One plate is enough

I’m still working on #6, reviewing and doing 1-5 as well as an added habit #7, one plate per meal. I am a huge fan of going back for seconds especially if the food tastes good and fresh. I justify my actions by saying it’s healthy, it’s all veggies or lean or whole grains or that I’ve been ‘good’ lately, whatever that means. The truth is, I don’t actually need more food, I just want it. I have realized that I don’t want the moment of gathering to end, even if it’s just a gathering of two of us. Too often, we as a culture are herded in and swept out quickly not allowing ourselves to taste and enjoy the food and mealtime we are given. On average I believe we spend 15-20 minutes eating and often not even sitting at a table.

My habit # 7  is to fill my one smaller plate, eat slowly, enjoy mealtime & conversation and not go back for seconds.

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