Life Doesn’t Come with a Remote, You Have to Get Up and Change It!

I went on an overnight girl’s getaway to the King Arthur Flour Co. in Vermont a few weeks ago and we had a great time. King Arthur Flour has a nice big assortment of gluten free items for those who need it or desire it; they also have a nice little restaurant with many healthy choices to choose from, we had interesting leafy green salad combinations and of course one of their delicious freshly made rolls. If you’re from New England or in the area I recommend checking it out!

While in VT we made a few fun stops along the way. One great little big store called Dan & Whit’s General Store was right next to the Norwich Inn, where we stayed, fun place to shop! On our way home the last day of our stay we stopped in Quechee Village where there are a few interesting shops. One of the shops had an assortment of country and traditional type trinkets and one of such items was a long, thin wooden sign that read, “Life Doesn’t Come with a Remote, You Have to Get Up and Change It”. Perfectly stated I thought! So, if you’re unhappy with some aspect of your life, it’s up to you to change it. You actually have the freedom of choice to do so, how cool is that?!

Too often we feel stuck with no direction and it brings us to a point where we feel depressed, lost and frustrated. If you can rise above your personal road blocks and let go of any self-loathing you may be harboring, you can move forward into better circumstances. Maybe you’ve been wanting to lose that last five pounds or the first fifty, maybe you’ve wanted to switch jobs, or move to another location, end a relationship that isn’t working out – you know what your own personal big change is… well, the good news is, you can! You can make those changes; no one and no thing will do it for you. You’re in control; you’re in your own driver’s seat so shift gears and get going! Need support or guidance, I can do that, call me, let’s work on creating your happiness together.


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