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Going to the Nature Gym

Many people I know go to the gym between 4 and 7 days a week for an hour or up to several hours and they love it. They like having a large variety of equipment to use, seeing the same regulars doing their own circuit, and being able to depend on trainers for help and advice and perhaps for many other reasons I may be missing here.

I also know many people who don’t care for the gym atmosphere and I’m finally confident in myself enough to admit that I am among those who don’t care for it. I don’t dislike it completely, I would never try to sway anyone from going if that is what they enjoy, and I’m not saying I would never go to a gym; it’s just at the bottom of my preference list.

My favorite gym is the Nature Gym. I love the place and it’s everywhere and has been in existence forever; there is no membership required, no fees, no limited hours, no dress code other than the one you choose, there’s no judgement, go alone, with a friend or with a group, and best of all…there are no walls. It’s right outside my window and your window. It begins at your front door or your back door and it’s always open for business, rain or shine. You can use equipment or come just as you are.

Even if you’re a fan of going to the local building that houses your gym, take a short trip out a door near you and try out the Nature Gym. Take a walk, go for a run, ride a bike, take a hike, climb a hill, climb a mountain, go for a swim, lace up your roller blades, ice skates, clip in your skis, your snowboard, ride a horse, play with your dog, play with your kids, fly a kite, throw a ball, throw a frisbee, jump a rope, hula hoop, climb a tree, plant a garden, rake some leaves, discover a trail, sit high atop the summit and meditate before hiking down…find a renewed spirit within you!

The Nature Gym is my favorite place to work out.

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