My Year of 26 Changes

#10 – Changing Your Thinking Can Change Your Life

My best friend Beth shared this with me several years ago and it pops into my mind often, “If you always think they way you always thought, then you’ll always get what you always got.”

This is true. So many people want things to change yet they continue to do things as they always have expecting different results. We need to be willing to make changes in order to experience the possibility that our life will be improved. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing and it’s often scary to think about how we will do it. We tend to get into our comfort zone and cannot imagine life any different but often wish for a different life. Many of us deal better with change when change is out of our control and just happens, but we eventually find that it’s not the change we were dreaming about and we continue fantasizing about the life we imagine as perfect. By doing this we often get caught up feeling that our fantasy life is in some ways real and we don’t push forward to make a reality of the changes we wish for but we still find ourselves unhappy.

Today, begin to practice making small changes in your life that will bring you to your desired destination and to your biggest dreams.  Be brave, be strong!

Enjoy the satisfaction of making changes reality and continue to follow your dreams to make them come true.


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