My Year of 26 Changes

#11 – Strengthen My Weaknesses

New Habit #11 brings us to the first week in June; there’s no better time than to work on strengthening your weaknesses. One big weakness of mine is the regimen of doing a workout every day.  As I’ve mentioned in past posts I’m not a fan of the scheduled workout or even going to a gym, while I’m not 100% sure why, I accept my preferences and try to workout in different, more interesting ways.

One physical activity I thoroughly enjoy doing is yoga and my Kempo forms and practices but I still need to get into a habit of setting time aside at least 5 days a week and do it. In order to accomplish this is to finally just pick a time of day and make it part of my work day because after all, I am my first best client and proof that a healthy lifestyle is important not only physically on the outside but on the inside too. My second step is to determine how much time each day I will workout – my initial plan is at least half an hour – usually it ends up to be more.

I know myself well and so I know it won’t be easy for me to do but I will work toward it every day so that it will become a daily desire that brings emotional and physical balance into each day.

What is your daily physical activity? How do you motivate yourself to doing it?

If you don’t workout daily, what type of workout do you imagine yourself doing and what type of help would you want?

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