Don’t Go with the Low-Fat Options, Why not? Read on…

Too often I see people buying and consuming so-called low-fat foods thinking that they’re doing their body or diet a favor. The truth is low-fat foods have added sugar or other ingredients that add calories and empty calories at that. I teach my clients to opt out of falling for what seems like the wise choice of low-fat foods except when it comes to dairy since most low-fat dairy is simply fat skimmed off adding nothing to compensate.

I recently wanted to purchase mayonnaise and saw Hellman’s brand made with olive oil and thought, “wow, great”; that was until I read the label.
Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise brand has 90 cals.-10g., Total fat- 1.5g., Sat. fat-5mg, chol.-90 mg. sodium, 0 carbs/sugars (though sugar is in the ingredients list)
Hellman’s Olive Oil version- 60 cals- 6 g., total fat- 1 g, sat. fat- 5mg, chol.- 120 mg., sodium, 0, carbs/sugars (yep, in the ingredients)
Hellman’s Low-Fat version- 15 cals., 1 g. total fat- 0, sat. fat- 0, chol- 0, carbs/sugars ( you guessed it, on the list too!) a whopping 130mg. Sodium and the first ingredient is Modified Corn Starch and continue reading and you’ll find other ingredients that are difficult to say.
You can see for yourself at Hellmanns.com 

I’ve decided to buy mayonnaise with the least amount of ingredients and organic when I can find it.

This is not limited to mayonnaise, when you read labels you will find that this is true with the majority of so-called healthy low-fat choices.

The bottom line is just eat the most natural version you can find, less ingredients equals a better product and opt for organic versions before the general commercial versions and eat only sparingly; less is more.

When you make your own salad dressing from olive or nut oils with a choice of herb infused vinegar and adding your own choices of herbs versus the store-bought “low-fat’ version you know it’s fresh and complete and you consume fewer calories, less sugar, less chemicals, and less dressing overall.

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