When You’re Ready, It Will Happen

We all have the desire to lose weight or eat better for better health. We all struggle too. Not one of us is alone no matter what discipline we use. Even the firm bodied, glowing fitness trainer struggles. As a nutritional and lifestyle wellness coach, I hear people tell me all the time that I’m perfect, I eat only the good things and I get a workout in every day; the truth is, I’m human, imperfect and I don’t workout nearly as often as I want to. I have the time so why don’t I do it? It’s not fun to me, I’d rather do something else, I’d rather do it with someone, I’ll do it later…these are only a few of the excuses I give myself. I most often eat only foods that are healthy, but I often eat too much; I do workout, but I don’t workout hard or regularly.

I coach people to let go of habits that don’t do them any good and to adopt good habits that make them feel renewed and re-energized. I love my work and I love my clients, every single one of them that I’ve had and I can assure you that I will love each new client down the road. I love them because they care about themselves to get better and they inspire me to share my knowledge and inspire so many more to follow their dreams and reach their goals.

One of my first clients in 2011, whom also happens to be a good friend, went through my entire 6-Month Progressive program with the desire to lose weight, limit eating sugary snacks and develop healthy eating habits overall. She will confess to you that it wasn’t and isn’t an easy thing to do; there is no simple, quick fix; it takes time, know-how and dedication. I myself was confused and disappointed for a while at the fact that the process was slow-going. Then something clicked. My client learned all the steps while working with me but the one thing that wasn’t 100% in gear was the commitment to herself. Know-how, desire and commitment are three entirely different things but together they work amazingly well. In the past five to six months my client has lost twenty-three or more pounds! That is a huge accomplishment and she hasn’t stopped, she uses what I taught her and she finds it easy to follow without craving the unhealthy snacks. Stress no longer takes control over her dietary discipline nor does she let stress eat at her. What happened when she suddenly began dropping pounds? She was ready.

Don’t give up hope, don’t throw away your dreams and goals of being healthy and fit. When you learn what it takes for your particular body and lifestyle and when you’re ready to commit, you will succeed. Commitment comes from within and there’s no right time or wrong time, it’s personally up to you to decide when it’s right.

Love yourself enough to be healthy and happy. Here’s to you and your personal journey. Want help? Write me.

In health and happiness.

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