The Power of Colors

Colors are a very personal preference for each of us. We all have our favorite color and for me that color is light blue…and various shades of pink…and more recently, orange. Orange?!! Where did that come from?

For the past year I’ve become attracted to oranges, not the burnt, muted nor bright neon orange shades, but the cool, bright, full oranges. First I would see an orange car, it was a cool, bright, almost creamy orange, then It would be a shirt or a phone case, another blog site I have is orange, a notebook, kitchen ware, not to forget the beautiful orange trees this time of year, etc. This week I saw a photo of an orange colonial home and I was in love with it – it just popped but it was subtle and classy. It’s difficult to describe what my eyes feel like when I see the perfect orange for me, it’s as though they are filled to the rim with love and joy and a little happy dance.

I decided to look into my new obsession with orange. After learning the what power that colors can do to us or for us I decided I like changing my favorite colors because I believe change happens for a reason. Here’s what I found orange to influence in us:

Orange represents transformation, warmth, happiness, emotional strength, it’s optimistic and uplifting; orange induces spontaneity & a positive outlook and is motivating. Orange suggests adventure & risk taking, it inspires physical confidence, competition and independence; it’s extroverted and uninhibited. Orange is known to stimulate the appetite (be careful of orange in your kitchen or wherever you dine if you’re controlling your diet!), as well as aid simulation of new ideas. This vibrant color frees the spirit of limitations-giving freedom to be ourselves and it encourages respect of self and of others. Whew! After all this positive representation, who wouldn’t love orange?

I believe things we need to push us forward come into out lives when we need them. For me, orange just might be that ‘thing’ that helps feed my spirit for growth. When something that you feel is unusual for you comes along, don’t fight it, go with it and learn from it; there’s a lesson in everything.

What is your color? What does it mean for you?

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