Bucket List

Of course people have had bucket lists since the beginning of time; they might not have called it a “bucket list” but that’s what it has been called for as long as I’ve been around.

I don’t have a bucket list myself but I think I might need to start one; after all, I need to add things I want to witness people who have put me on their list doing things on my my bucket list too, a sort of payback 😉 I recently learned that someone wants to hear me sing karaoke, odd? I’m not sure but it will be fun keeping their bucket list active…not that I can’t sing, I’m just a bit shy.

When I think about making a bucket list, I imagine so many things that might seem far fetched or like wishful thinking but then again, isn’t that what it’s all about, this life we live, isn’t it about setting big goals and working hard toward reaching them? If not, then what is it all about? We’re here to share, encourage, show faith, believe, love, trust, forgive, and dream.

My new small goal will be to write a bucket list and keep adding to it; my big goal is to cross off those items which I have accomplished.

Whatever is on your bucket list, don’t let go of your intentions; follow your dreams and soar.

Don’t have a bucket list yet? Why not join me in creating one? You can learn a lot about yourself in writing down you desires and dreams. Get to know your true self.

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