Low Blood Sugar Crashes

Let’s talk about low blood sugar here. Someone in one of my coaching groups asked about it and so I thought I’d share my response.

I’ll start by saying this happens to me very often if I don’t eat throughout the day, My friend Kathy can back me up on that one as it happened to me recently while antiquing! So what are the symptoms? First you start getting a little light-headed, you can’t focus visually or mentally, then you feel like you’re going to be sick, then you get a cold sweat.…I haven’t let it go beyond that point because the next thing you’ll most likely do is pass out.

So what do you do at times like these? Many people do grab for candy; I prefer to grab for something slightly healthier if I can – I’ll grab a piece of whole grain bread, cereal, or real food as in lunch, dinner whatever the timing is. Most often this happens to me between breakfast and lunch and usually when I’m out. You’d think I’d keep a meal bar in my bag! I try, I don’t always do it though.

What does low blood sugar(hypoglycemia) mean? How can you get it without being diabetic? Simply put, if your blood sugar is too low your body reacts. There are many causes for hypoglycemia without diabetes ranging from simple hunger, to over-exercising to adrenal & pituitary gland insufficiency to liver & kidney issues, all the way up to cancer, tumors, medications and treatment of other illnesses. To know if you have true hypoglycemia, you would be tested but if you feel the symptoms as I described above and you know it’s only when you haven’t eaten, then take the steps to keep your blood sugar balanced.

1 – eat a healthy, breakfast – with protein & complex carbs
2 – keep healthy snacks at hand at all times, fruit, veggie sticks…
3 – drink water, and whole juices
4 – plan your meals ahead such as lunch and snacks
5 – know your “crash” times.

If you get low blood sugar symptoms and these tips help you then make the tips part of your routine; but if you find that they don’t quite hit the spot then it’s important for you to talk with your doctor about your symptoms and what you’ve tried in order to alleviate them so that you can be tested and/or properly diagnosed.

Take charge of your health, no one knows how you feel except you so initiate solutions, initiate wellness for your healthiest version of yourself.

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