Why Material Things Don’t Matter

We all want something and it pretty much is an ongoing desire which we too often mistake as a need. I would guess that every one of us has at one time or another said, or thought to ourselves, “if I only had ____, I wouldn’t want anything else, or things would be so much better…etc”, only to find ourselves wanting more after we got that last thing. You know how it goes, on and on and on. I myself am guilty of the very same behavior (especially with Polish Pottery!).

If you step back and look at your big picture you might see things from a new angle. You might realize what is true and what is simply filling the empty spaces in your spirit. When was the last time you were truly in the moment, feeling what is now, seeing what is happening right now without thinking about yesterday or your next activity ahead? Being in the moment is health, deciding to change your eating habits right now, not tomorrow, not after this next outing and not for just a short period of time is health, health is what matters most. If you don’t have your health, material things don’t matter. Material things are temporary joys, material things hold no happiness if you cannot enjoy them in good health. Your health is worth every moment, dollar and joy that you spend wanting material items.

I know that I continually want for things and I have stepped back a few times to get a good look at how these material things are filling my life with pleasure, hope, inspiration and need; and the thing I always realize is, they’re not. Have you taken a step back to weighed the balance between your collection of things with the joy they bring? What have you learned about yourself when you do that? Have you ever cleaned out the items you no longer use? How did that make you feel? Have you taken the time, money or effort from something you wanted and used it toward helping someone else instead? Try it out.

Choose to be healthy before you choose items to satisfy your empty spot. Choose you instead of that great pair of shoes or that latest greatest electronic gadget. If you don’t choose you, who will? If you don’t have your health, nothing else quite matters.

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