Resistance – Breaking the Bond

I’ve heard it said, ‘what you resist persists’. I believe that to be true. I’ve seen it in others and I’ve experienced it myself. Like waves on the shoreline, they persist to reach you.20161016_111121

How often have you searched for an answer to something or direction in your life’s path and felt your subconscious knew the answer but you resisted or just didn’t see it? Sometimes we can search so hard for something that has been in front of us all along. We find excuses why it’s not the answer, we might think it’s too obvious or not a big enough task to undertake; how can something so small or so simple actually be the answer? Isn’t life supposed to be harder than that? If it seems too simple or too obvious, clearly it cannot be the right answer so we resist and keep searching, ultimately making our lives more stressful and difficult than is necessary.

If you’ve been searching for the answer to something and you can’t seem to get results that make sense, it’s time to step back and take inventory of what thing or things keep coming back at you. Maybe it’s a thought, an idea, an item or a person or business; whatever it is, find the one thing you have in common with that thought, idea, item, person or company. If you find something attractive with that thing that keeps presenting itself to you, no matter how silly or impossible it may seem to you, try it out. Go with it and see how it may work. That might be the key that opens a bigger door for you. Everything begins with small steps before it takes flight.

Resistance sometimes is your comfortable place and it’s often necessary to stop resisting and run with that thing that keeps showing itself to you in many different ways. When you keep searching instead of noticing it you miss out on enjoying your own success. Break your bond with resistance and see how far you can go when you open your mind and heart to even the tasks that seem feeble.

In the same notion of your resistance, choose to be more persistent in what you want. Persistence can work for you as well! Never give up despite how difficult your dreams, goals, work, plans or what-have-you may seem.

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