Clean Space

Tidying your space will help you ease your chaotic mind. Clutter is a distraction to our minds, it’s more difficult to process clearly when there is too much in the way. Cleaning isn’t usually at the top of everyone’s list but the benefits post-cleaning brings is well worth your time and efforts.

Take a month to work on a few areas of your home.

Work on thinning out your closet by bagging and donating clothes you haven’t worn in a year or more. Go through your shoes and other accessories too.

Clean your kitchen cabinets out – eliminate outdated foods, unused storage containers, and rearrange your canned goods, condiments and dry goods so they are in view and easy to reach; this will also make you aware of what you need to buy and what you have plenty of.

Clean out your purse, wallet and pockets. Do this often.

Organize your bills – have files to store each month’s bills and payments. Keep your stuff together. Clean out your paperwork areas filing or tossing old mail, bills, and the like.

Organize your spending. Limit impulse buys and catch up on your credit card balances. Put on the mindset that you have all you need and believe it.

Happiness comes from within. A calm mind comes from calm surroundings and balanced living.

To your physical and emotional wellness


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