Set Daily Intentions ~ Don’t Give Up!

set-daily-intentionsOne of my best tips is to set your intention daily. If you set your intention saying it out loud and/or writing it, first thing in the morning every day, you’re more likely to follow through.

You start out setting your intention, feeling positive about it and ready to end old bad habits and begin new good habits. An hour or two pass by and you find yourself heading for the snack table, the smoking area, playing around on social media or whatever thing fits your intention sabotage(r). You feel like you’ve failed early on and you give up until tomorrow. You feel like you can’t do it, you label yourself as a failure and you feel slightly self-loathing. Stop. All of that negativity is unnecessary.

When you set your intention and fail to follow through perfectly it only means that you’re human. Phew! No worries and no giving up. When you give in, you haven’t yet succeeded but you haven’t yet failed either. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, look yourself straight in the eye (in a mirror or other reflection of course) and say, “nice try, now let’s try again”!

Set an intention every morning, say it, write it, believe it and work on it all day long. If you trip, begin again. Forgive yourself for slipping up, remind yourself of your intention, and take a redo. As long as you keep working toward your goal – working on things you want to change and never give up, you can succeed.

Whatever your intentions might be, they are important enough to work on achieving success with them.

Never give up on yourself.

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