Six Seeds of Goodness

The seeds that are in most pantries but get little attention and have BIG benefits.

Chia– high in protein, calcium and fiber; helps stabilize blood sugar, lower risk of heart disease

Fennel– relaxant, helps reduce water weight, decreases food cravings, reduces allergy inflammation and breaks up fat deposits

Celery– reduces inflammation, helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol clears toxins from the digestive track, relaxant, and anti-depressant (avoid during pregnancy as it can promote bleeding)

Sesame– high in minerals, lowers bad cholesterol, helps reduce hypertension & stress and inhibits the spread of cancers.

Poppy– helps lower cholesterol, soothes nervous irritation, and has B-Complex vitamins and minerals.

Anise– helps digestion helps control fungus, bacteria, urinary track infections and yeast. Anise is toxic to wasps and mosquito larvae.


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