Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Your “Place” of Peace and Growth


Are you in an environment that feeds your spirit and calms your soul? When you come home at night, do you feel at ease, comfortable and ready to unwind and relax?

Your environment plays an important part in your overall health and daily habits. If you’re stressed even after you are home in ‘your safe place’ maybe it’s time to improve your surroundings. Making changes is most often a good thing even if your environment served you well in the past. As we grow, so shall our surroundings.

Make a list of the things in your environment, whether at work, play or home, that comforts you and a list of things that disrupt your peace. Decide what things you can change or improve and how you can work in things from your list of comforts.

If what you need is quiet time each day when you get home, let others in your home know, set a time to ‘get away’ to let go of stress each day and take it for yourself. Encourage others in your environment to do the same.

Making positive changes and adjustments in your life on a regular basis helps you enjoy living, enjoy being and it keeps your good habits going. Choose happiness; make necessary adjustments to your surroundings even if that means finding new surroundings elsewhere. In love and light.

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