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Stay Active Despite the Cold of Winter

Staying active & happy during the cold, dark winter months is a challenge for some of us. If you’re not an outdoor winter sports kind of person, the winter can seem long and depressing. Personally, I’m not and I know I’m not alone so what can we do to help us through the colder, darker days of winter?

Of course we all want to stay in shape and especially in control during the holidays with their parties and food, food, food! So let’s check out a few things you can plan for a happy winter season.

Stay in shape:

Bundle up and walk outside, down your street, at a park, in the city – just be safe on snow lined sidewalks and streets.

Window shop! Drive to your local mall and walk laps. It will lift your spirits just being around other people that are not co-workers or your kids! Everyone needs time to breathe and be.

Dance. Keep your radio playing upbeat music with friendly DJ’s that help you feel a little more connected with the outside world. Get up and dance when your favorite upbeat song is played; at work? Take a bathroom break and dance your way down the hall!

Set Goals. Make a list of projects that you’d like to get done and work on them. Clean closets, organize storage space, organize the garage, organize kid’s toys, declutter your closets from clothes you haven’t worn, your kitchen from tools, pans, dishes etc. that you don’t use, clean out your pantry.

Ward off the blues:

Don’t eat lunch alone, in your office or at home. Invite a friend over once a week and eat with co-worker instead of at your desk at work. Break the feeling of being isolated.

Plan a getaway. Even if you can’t get away for a week, plan an overnight or a full day trip to somewhere you love being or somewhere you’ve wanted to visit. You’ll be amazed at how refreshing a change of pace and scenery can be!

Plan monthly outings with friends. Have a “girl’s day out” or a “guy’s day away”. Stay connected to those who feed your spirit and make you feel alive and well!


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