Eat to live! Don't Live to Eat

Carb Wars

Carbohydrates are the enemy–quality and quantity is the enemy. Fast food, donut shops, cupcake bakeries, Frozen, boxed convenience foods found in the freezer aisle of your local grocery store, and boxed/canned dry convenience foods found in the middle aisles of your grocery store and chemicals disguised to look like food that’s the real enemy. We have become a society where more is better and where quality suffers because quantity matters.

I feel my best when I follow a more Mediterranean based diet than I do following the latest health food trend diets where carbs are nixed, where fats are nixed and where sugar is craved but not welcome in the diet. Carbs, fats and sugar has become the evil past love while animal proteins and complicated drinks have become their “bully”. I don’t disagree with a lower fat, low sugar diet, I simply believe that when you eat to fuel and workout regularly, there’s no need to eliminate such things from your diet altogether. When you eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise, many of today’s illness and disease such as Type II diabetes and heart disease, often are not present. A tremendous number of studies have proven that artificial sweeteners are far more hazardous to your health than plain, simple sugar. I’m not suggesting that you start eating all kinds of sugary snacks like you might have done when you were a child, I’m simply suggesting that it’s okay to eat desserts once in a while; homemade desserts is the better option because the ingredients are controlled. Our diet needs to consist of a good balance of all food – unless of course you have allergies to a particular food.

Try several ways of eating and determine which way makes you feel your best. Not every-body can run smoothly on a low-carb, high-protein diet just as not every-body can run on vegetables and fruit alone. We are all individual and what fits one, doesn’t always fit you – and it shouldn’t; you’re unique, embrace it.

When you focus so intently on the types of food you eat more than the quality and proper quantity of food, you miss the whole point of eating. You set yourself up for binges and self-judgement. You sabotage your efforts and the meaning of your meals. You end up missing out on the big and small moments of life; you forget to enjoy it.

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