20180704_113546Motivation must come from within you. It’s not something that can be given or received. Motivators are simply tools to help you organize your thinking and organize your plans.

When you feel unmotivated to do something it’s just a mindset that you’re in. You might be unmotivated because your task seems uninteresting to you, it might feel like a chore, you might not care about why this task must be done; there are many reasons why you feel unmotivated to it. If you can change your mindset you can increase your motivation. Changing your mindset can be as simple as telling yourself to just get up and get it done and once you start you feel a sense of relief and satisfaction. If changing your mindset is more involved than just deciding to do it, get involved. Get involved in your activity by getting to the core of why you are doing what you are doing and put into your mind and spirit what your success will bring you when you do what you must do.

Motivation can be found in physically and mentally engaging in your activity. When you track progress, when you make lists and cross off things as you complete them and when you follow a daily regimen you stay motivated. When you have the mindset that “I’ve got this” and you play along like you’re doing everything as you should, you end up losing control and losing your motivation. You must be honest, diligent and active in your attempts to finishing everything you start.

Motivation is an attitude. Motivation is a practice. Motivation can lead to good habits when used and good habits become natural behaviors without having to use much thought and exertion.

Just as self-control isn’t given, it’s used – so is the same with motivation; everyone has it but they don’t always use it.

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