Pocketful of Wishes

white oxeye daisy in person s pocketWhen was the last time you tried something new? I’m not talking about a new food or new movie or even a new diet or exercise routine. When was the last time you did something that you have always wanted to do? What is something you’d love to try but you just keep putting it off for when the time is right? Yeah, me neither.

While you go through the motions of doing what needs to be done, doing what’s expected of you and meeting everyone else’s needs, your needs and desires are pushed further and further into the pockets of time. The thing is, the time is now; now is what you have.

Think of something you have wanted to do that isn’t related to a particular diet or way of eating nor be it related to exercising ‘xyz’ days a week. Remember that one or two things you thought about so long ago, or maybe not so long ago, that you have been saying when I’m done what I have to do daily right now, I want to try this other thing out? Write it down! Make it your goal. Decide on a date and time you want to have it done by and focus your effort and daily doings on reaching that destination one day at a time. Maybe it will take a week, a month, a year or several years to be in a place that you have completely reached that dream thing; that’s perfectly okay, as long as you’re working toward something for yourself.

Life is never guaranteed from day-to-day and it never waits until you’re ready so be ready now. Be the person who can say, “I did it, I wanted to do this for so long and I did”.

I agree that it’s not easy for many of us to think of ourselves but it is an important part of growth, self-nurturing and stress relief. As I often say, self-care is not selfish. When you meet your personal goals, you can help others with a much more grateful heart and mind and a freer sense of being there for others.

Start today, think about your next big goal, write it down, find a photo of it and always keep it in the front of your mind – at the top of your pocketful of wishes.



Getting to the Good Part

goodstuffSometimes I find myself wishing the week(s) away just to get to the good part of my life. By doing this, I’m in fact wishing my life away; and if I do that, there will be no so-called good part.

Every week brings some sort of discomfort for every one of us. We think about an appointment, or a meeting, a conference, inventory or evaluation at work, a family thing, a delivery, a chore of some kind, whatever your thing to do is; the list is endless and we look forward to it being over and done with.

When we wish for the dreaded parts to be over and wait for the good stuff, we are robbing ourselves of time, joy and being in the moment from our lives. What if the good part is now? What if we are missing out on the good stuff because our focus is on the dreaded chores of life itself?

It’s up to us individually to determine what needs our energy and attention. It’s up to us to set guidelines and boundaries for ourselves and how others treat us. It’s up to me, and you, to make the good stuff happen now. Life is unpredictable and for too many, life is short.

Take time to reflect on how you use your time. Take time to notice how you treat each day, each week and each difficult circumstance and try to turn it into a good experience, a positive life lesson.

Don’t wish time away to get to the good stuff; good stuff on earth is not promised and the good stuff could be happening right now; it’s all in how you view it.

Be positive, be happy and be free from dread.


Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

20180720_174651Energy flows where attention goes comes from the book “The Secret” and when I read that it made complete sense to me. I watch and listen to people everywhere and I see how this statement is true. Where you put your focus is where you feed your desire or your problem; so, after reading that I decided to make changes within myself which I will share with you.

A few years ago, I moved away from a place I was familiar with and where all my friends are. I didn’t move far but just far enough that it’s not convenient to just pop in on each other or run to the store for a quick something. I learned who my true friends are and those who don’t care whether I exist or not. At first, their actions hurt a lot but I have realized that it’s a choice they have made for one reason or another and I accept them for that. At first, I beat myself up for moving here and not closer to the ocean as I planned for many years – I moved here to make someone else happy instead of for myself; lesson learned. Since reading that quote “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes” I decided that it’s true and that focusing on where I would rather be and what I would rather be doing isn’t changing where I am and what I am currently doing. I recently decided to embrace where I am and what I am doing and since then, just one month so far, I have enjoyed more of life than I can remember enjoying for a very long time.

If life has got you down, if people have let you down, and if you are wishing for things to be different then put your focus on what you have right now. Put your energy into where you are at this moment and keep planning for where you’re headed. I’m not suggesting abandoning your dreams, I refuse to abandon mine, I’m only suggesting to accept what is, appreciate what you do have and enjoy this very moment. As you move forward you will find that you are closer to where you want to be, you feel happier and more at peace with each moment and every good blessing in your life.

We cannot change what was but we can accept where we are now and have a little more control of where we want to go and how it will be when we get there. Put your energy to positive use; let your attention flow where you want your energy to go.

Need help getting there? Need help reaching your biggest or even your smallest goals? Contact me at  As a certified health coach, I can guide you and help you become in control of your diet and in control of your life!



20180704_113546Motivation must come from within you. It’s not something that can be given or received. Motivators are simply tools to help you organize your thinking and organize your plans.

When you feel unmotivated to do something it’s just a mindset that you’re in. You might be unmotivated because your task seems uninteresting to you, it might feel like a chore, you might not care about why this task must be done; there are many reasons why you feel unmotivated to it. If you can change your mindset you can increase your motivation. Changing your mindset can be as simple as telling yourself to just get up and get it done and once you start you feel a sense of relief and satisfaction. If changing your mindset is more involved than just deciding to do it, get involved. Get involved in your activity by getting to the core of why you are doing what you are doing and put into your mind and spirit what your success will bring you when you do what you must do.

Motivation can be found in physically and mentally engaging in your activity. When you track progress, when you make lists and cross off things as you complete them and when you follow a daily regimen you stay motivated. When you have the mindset that “I’ve got this” and you play along like you’re doing everything as you should, you end up losing control and losing your motivation. You must be honest, diligent and active in your attempts to finishing everything you start.

Motivation is an attitude. Motivation is a practice. Motivation can lead to good habits when used and good habits become natural behaviors without having to use much thought and exertion.

Just as self-control isn’t given, it’s used – so is the same with motivation; everyone has it but they don’t always use it.


Are You Resistant to Change?

changeWe want change in our lives, we want it on a regular basis and we make plans to make the desired changes but we never quite follow through–but why not? Why does change excite us and tease us but scare us at the same time? Why do we plan to dive in fully but put the brakes on when we get to the edge of the diving board?

Some change is simple and it involves oneself only, but sometimes a change affects others, disrupting life and causing us to step back or at least slow the process of making change happen.

If the change you’re trying to make involves yourself only, what is holding you back? What does your desired change look like to you? Is it realistic? Is it convenient? Inconvenient? Is it too hard? Is it too big? Are you at a loss of where or how to begin?

If the change you wish for involves others, as well as yourself, are the others aware of your desired change? How did they respond? What’s the scariest part of making that particular change? What is the worst case scenario; best case scenario? What do you need to push yourself forward?

Breaking old habits can catapult you toward your desired outcome and force you toward making progress. Taking small realistic steps toward whatever your goal may be is how to get there. Every single journey begins with that first step more often than a giant leap. Outline your desired change and decide what first step you can take today to begin your journey toward change.

Change is inevitable but it doesn’t have to be horrible when you are prepared.



20170813_161729What one or two things helps you find motivation and inspiration?

Is it a particular item?

Is it a certain aspect of nature?

Does motivation come from support of friends or loved ones?

Does a certain person inspire you?

Whatever your source of motivation and inspiration is, use it!  If you are unsure of what motivates you, take time to sit quietly in nature, in your house, in your safe spot or wherever you feel most at peace and open your heart and mind to discover your method of inspiration.

Become inspired!

Share your thoughts here, ask questions, make motivation happen for you!


Anxiety: What Eat & What to Avoid to Ease It

We all have suffered with anxiety at one time or another and we all will suffer with it again. Anxiety, unfortunately, is a part of life as we know it – but you don’t have to cave in to it. By eating the right foods, avoiding the anxiety feeding foods and learning simple lifestyle habits, you can overcome personal anxiety.

What is anxiety? It’s a normal reaction; anxiety is a feeling response of worry, nervousness, fear, uneasiness and even feelings of eagerness/impatience toward a situation. Usually anxiety is temporary; if you find that you have anxiety that has been going on for a very long time, it’s a good idea to talk to someone about it, maybe even your doctor.

Food and lifestyle habits play an important role in dealing with anxiety. There are some foods that feed feelings of anxiousness and some foods that calm those feelings. How food affects your body’s nervous response is of key importance. Without going deeper into the explanation and reasons for anxiety, let’s look at the foods that help us and then the foods that we should avoid.

Anxiety Easing Foods & Supplements include tryptophan rich foods, B-vitamins and B-vitamin rich foods, chamomile & green tea, lemon balm fresh herb and tea, hops, valerian root, lavender [an emotional anti-inflammatory], fermented foods [probiotics] and probiotic supplements.

Foods to Eat:

  • Tryptophan: turkey, chicken, bananas, milk, oats, cheese, soy, nuts, sesame seeds, peanut butter
  • B-vitamins: beef, pork, chicken, leafy greens, legumes, citrus, rice, nuts, eggs, cauliflower, salmon, carrots, bananas, whole grains, wheat
  • Carbohydrates: [yes! Don’t turn away, they’re important!] whole grains (true whole grains, not additions to convenience foods), wheat, brown rice, potatoes, all vegetables
  • Fermented foods: yogurt, kefir, soy milk, Miso soup/broth, sauerkraut, dark chocolate, pickles, tempeh, kimchi, micro-algae drinks
  • Omega 3’s: salmon, tuna, lake trout, herring, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, nuts, supplements
  • Lean Protein: plain Greek yogurt (add your own fruit, honey/maple & nuts), fish, meat, cheese, eggs, nuts, beans, soy, lentils
  • WATER!

Foods to Avoid [or at least Limit]:

  • Caffeine – (at least cut down if you drink coffee and soda all day long)
  • Sugar – (causes depression) incl. sweets, candy, cakes, pies, cookies, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup and other highly refined sweeteners, aspartame,
  • Processed food – boxed, frozen, canned, fast food…etc.
  • Added chemicals – MSG (depression, headaches, fatigue) food dyes (disrupts normal nervous system function)
  • Salt – messes with blood pressure, heart works harder to control the stress hormone adrenaline, *don’t buy/use pre-seasoned or flavored meat as they are high in sodium and added chemicals
  • Fried foods
  • Fatty foods – causes depression, hot dogs, deli meats, sausage

Focus your diet on clean eating whole foods, vitamin & mineral rich foods, calming herbal teas and plenty of water all year long and avoid the foods that trigger the ‘stress response’ and you can better control anxious situations. Of course stressful times will always be part of our lives, but we don’t have to let our lives revolve around our personal stress; it doesn’t have to be part of who we are.

I hope you try some of these suggestions and I hope to hear from you on your experience and/or thoughts about anxiety. Now, full breath in………let it out…exhale!