Healthy Inside/Healthy Outside

Taking Time Out

So often we forget to take time to just be. We plan vacations and included in our luggage is work. We decide that we need to finish up this or that so we promise to do it on our down time while away.

I did this myself this week. I went away and knew I had some work to do so I figured I can get it done early in the week then begin my vacation after I was done. This work involves technology, internet and cell phone service.

I found that the internet connectivity is timed and the cell phone service is pretty much a void.

The lesson I’ve learned from this little inconvenience is that the universe will intervene when we’re not following it’s advice! I suppose we need to be thankful for these little inconveniences. We need to realize that pretty much no matter what, the things we needed to get done will still be there when we are back.

Rest and relaxation is a must every so often so let’s take it seriously and fall into nature and the natural way of life….it’s time to get back to basics whether it’s around food or around emotional wellness!

And so with that note, I must end here before I get bumped off and cannot share my story with you!

Remember to stop a few times today even if it’s for 2 minutes and realize life!

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