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Ryan’s Night to Cook

Ryan chose to cook tonight, kind of a last-minute decision because he wanted to make cabbage soup that he saw on the internet.

The weather today has been very cold, low 20’s, with a few hours of light snow flurries so of course a warming homemade soup was welcomed!

This is how his version of the recipe came out – and it was delicious and warming!

Rustic cabbage soup-Ryan





Here’s the recipe website he followed 101 Cookbooks: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/rustic-cabbage-soup-recipe.html

He made a few changes/additions….I love it when people are encouraged to use their creative freedoms when cooking! His additions were a dash of oregano, parsley and a small handful of dried porcini, woodear, shiitake, and oyster mushroom medley.

Cabbage is an extremely healthy food so if you’re looking for something healthy, hearty and warming, try this one out but be sure to use your creative freedoms as well….just please, don’t add chocolate! 😉 (save that for dessert and make sure it’s dark chocolate)

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