Eat to live! Don't Live to Eat

One Plate

A few years ago I read a book written by Don Gerrard called One Bowl which leads the reader through mindful eating that nourishes the body and spirit; it’s a good book and worth reading if you’re working on understanding why we relate to food in the ways we currently do.

While I work with clients on a daily basis around their eating and lifestyle habits I think of the concept of one bowl. The majority of people I have either worked with, talked with or socialize with overeat, myself included much of the time. Why do we overeat? I can tell you that most of the times I overeat is merely because it tastes good and that sometimes it’s the pure enjoyment of the atmosphere, even at home, that keeps me at the table going in for seconds. I don’t do this every day/night but I take more than I need more than I prefer.

People overeat for many reasons. Some overeat because they eat out where most restaurant servings are enough to feed two people – an entire family of four and were taught from a young age to “clean your plate”. Others find that eating is their only enjoyment for the day, or some feel hungry even after consuming an entire meal; boredom, depression, loneliness, anger, sadness, self-pity, frustration, giving up and so many more emotions are reason why people overeat.

Those who feel hungry shortly after eating are often eating the wrong foods which leads to their body searching for proper nutrients – their mind is tricked into thinking they’re hungry. Eating too fast can lead you to overeat too by not tasting the food you’re eating nor giving your brain time to register that your body is being fed.

All of these habits bring me to my idea of “just one plate’. If you have a habit of eating more than your body actually needs and you’re frustrated that you’re either putting excess weight on or just not losing what you want, then I challenge you to having just one plate at every meal. Don’t cheat either, use a plate that is 7-8” in diameter – if you don’t own one, pick one up and make it your ‘one’ plate.

Take the challenge. Be good to yourself, your body will thank you in many ways for it!

Feel free to share your challenge experience here.

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